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Major Cycle Routes - Proposed improvements from Riccarton Bush to University of Canterbury

As at 28/09/2020

Type of project: Street Works
Status of project: Current
Project description: Major Cycle Routes - Uni-Cycle - Proposed improvements from Riccarton Bus to University of Canterbury

This proposal is for the second section of the City to University Uni- Cycle route. It extends from Riccarton Bush through the University of Canterbury to the western end of Dovedale Avenue.

The Uni-cycle route is expected to attract many new riders for work, education and recreation. It connects to two other major cycle routes and is expected to be completed in 2017. The University has given significant support to the community by enabling the cycleway route along University Drive and through Ilam Fields.

Summary of the proposal: (Riccarton Bush to Dovedale Avenue):
• A low-volume, slow traffic environment along Ngahere, Hinau, Totara and Miro streets, where people travelling by bike and in vehicles share the road.
• Changes to the traffic light-controlled crossing on Clyde Road to provide a cycle and pedestrian crossing.
• A short section of shared path on Hinau Street allowing people on bicycles to access the crossing on Clyde Road.
• A shared two way path on the west side of Clyde Road from the crossing to University Drive.
• A new two-way bicycle path that is three metres wide on the south side of University Drive from Clyde Road to Ilam Road.
• Upgrade the existing separated cycleways on Ilam Road between Ilam Road and the north entrance to the Ilam fields.
This includes:
o Two metre-wide, one way cycleways on both sides of Ilam Road.
o New separators between people on bicycles and those in vehicles (similar to the new cycleway along Tuam Street).
o New trees planted within the separators on the western side.
o Removal of 20 car park spaces.

• A four metre-wide shared path across the Ilam Fields for people travelling by bike or on foot.
• A new four-metre wide shared path on Dovedale Avenue for people travelling by bike or on foot.
• New on-road cycle lanes on Solway Avenue at the intersection with Dovedale Avenue, and a new crossing so people travelling by bike or on foot can access the shared pathway.

Christchurch City Council is building 13 new Major cycle routes over seven years. Based on 2015 figures it is estimated this will cost $156 million.

The work on this section of the Uni-Cycle Route is being funded as part of the Urban Cycleways Programme (UCP). This is made up of shared investment form the Urban Cycleways Fund, the National Land Transport Fund and local councils. The UCP enables key, high value urban cycling projects to get underway around the country over the next three years, while improving cycle safety and supporting more connected cycle networks.

Additional consultation
The overall proposal was approved by the Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee at it's 5 May meeting, with the requirement for staff to carry out the following additional consultation before the plan is finalised:

We are asking for further input on the following aspects of the proposal in the section between Ngahere Street and Clyde Road:
• parking on Hinau street (South side, Clyde to Puriri)
• priority changes proposed at the Miro street intersections.

We are getting back to stakeholders and previous submitters, and including all properties adjacent to the route.

A community information session will be held on Wednesday 1 June in the Tui Room at St Barnabas Church (cnr Tui Street and Fendalton Road), from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

There will be an informal staff presentation at 5.30pm. We'll have plans on display and staff will be there to answer questions and discuss the proposals.
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Areas affected:
Wards affected: Riccarton, Wigram
People affected: General community


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