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Wigram Rd - Magdala Pl Link to Birmingham Dr / Annex Rd

As at 15/06/2021

Type of project: Street Works
Status of project: Current
Project description: Introduction

The project is to provide a bridge over Curletts Rd linking Wigram Rd into Birmingham Drive/Annex Road, via Magadala Place. This includes signalisation of the intersection of Magdala Place, Annex Road and Birmingham Drive.

A Scheme (Concept) Plan was approved by the Council in March 2013 after public consultation.

Designation of the required land was publically notified, and has been approved by the Council.

Detailed design and tendering was completed at the end of 2014. Construction commenced in February 2015, and the link will be operational, 3 months ahead of schedule, on 30 July 2016.
This project has evolved from several previous studies including:
  • The UDS (Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy), which identified the south-western area of • Christchurch as a major growth area with up to 10,000 new households within the area by 2041, the majority of which will be on “greenfields” land. In addition to expansion and infill of existing housing, a further 3,000 households have been identified for Lincoln and 1,000 households identified for Prebbleton. To accommodate the additional travel demand that will result from new land use in this area, further transport infrastructure such as roading, walking and cycling facilities, and public transport facilities, will be required.

  • CRETS (Christchurch to Rolleston and Environs Transportation Strategy, March 2008), which identified improvements to three corridors serving the south-west and beyond, as part of the approach to spread traffic growth across key arterial routes serving the south-west area and beyond, i.e:

  • Extension of the Christchurch Southern Motorway from Halswell Junction Road to south of Templeton
  • An upgrade of SH1 to four lanes between (just north of) Rolleston and the connection with the extended Christchurch Southern Motorway, south of Templeton by 2021 to serve long distance trips
  • An upgrade to the Selwyn Road / Shands Road corridor by 2021 as an alternative route between Rolleston and Christchurch
  • An upgrade to the Ellesmere Road / Wigram Road corridor by 2021 to serve Lincoln and Prebbleton and to help limit pressure on Springs Road through the Prebbleton township.

    The Ellesmere Road (Selwyn District) – Wigram Road transport corridor is one of the five arterial routes that will service the south-western area and the adjoining growth areas in the Selwyn District, and the Wigram/Magdala Link is one of the three corridors identified to improve access to the south-west.

  • SWAPTA (South West Area Plan Transport Assessment), which identified the transport networks required to • service south-west Christchurch and provided traffic network modelling. SWAPTA encompassed three scheme assessments (Wigram Road Extension, Wigram/Magdala Link, and Hayton Road Extension) and two plan change transport assessments (Wigram and Awatea). The Wigram/Magdala Link was projected to attract significant volumes of traffic, thereby providing some relief to otherwise congested alternative routes.

    This proposal aims to provide access to the growth areas identified within south-west Christchurch (Awatea, Wigram, Southwest Halswell / Knights Stream) via a new arterial corridor; and to provide minor arterial access to the growth areas of Lincoln and Prebbleton, along with the Springs Road and Shands Road corridors.

    Efficiency, safety (intersections, accesses and links), the Christchurch Southern Motorway design (particularly the location of the Curletts Interchange) and access provision off Magdala Place are all key matters considered in the design of the Wigram/Magdala Link project.
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    Areas affected:
    Wards affected: Heathcote, Riccarton, Spreydon, Wigram
    People affected: General community


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