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Christchurch speed limit review

Submissions: Phone us: 941 8999, 8am-6pm
Contact: Jennie Hamilton
Phone: 941-5207, 027 225 0671
Fax: 941-8384


Areas affected:
Wards affected: Burwood, Ferrymead, Papanui, Shirley, Spreydon, Waimairi, Wigram
People affected: Adults, General community, Maori, Older People (65 years plus), Pacific Peoples, Pakeha/European, People with disabilities, Property Owner, Refugees and New Migrants, Youth


Open date: 31/05/2016
Close date: 21/06/2016 5:00p.m.


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Proposed St Asaph Hagley 30kmh speed limit map
Consultation Leaflet
Proposed outer Christchurch speed limit street maps
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Full description

Amended speed limits proposed in fast-growing areas and two central city streets

After reviewing speed limits on roads in and around Christchurch, the City Council is seeking your feedback on proposed changes on 31 streets. These are mainly in new growth areas where the speed limit of a once rural road is no longer considered safe in expanding residential and commercial zones.

The Council is also proposing to extend the inner city 30km/h limit – implemented on 12 March 2016 – to include sections of St Asaph Street and Hagley Avenue. This is to reflect the streetscape changes now underway on the one-way street for westbound vehicles. The reduction from 50km/h to 30km/h would also be consistent with Tuam Street, the partner one-way street carrying eastbound traffic.

For more details please click on the links Above to the
Consultation leaflet
Response form
Map of affected St Asaph St and Hagley Avenue sections
Map (1)of Northern and Western areas
Map (2)of Northern and Western areas
Map (3) of Northern and Western areas
Map of Southern and eastern Areas

Please ensure that your feedback reaches us by 5pm on Tuesday 21 June 2016