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Marriner Street-west and Wakefield Avenue Enhancements

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Contact: Tara King
Phone: 941 5938, 027 208 3235


Areas affected:
Wards affected: Ferrymead, Hagley
People affected: General community


Open date: 02/11/2015
Close date: 16/11/2015 5:00p.m.


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Full description

Marriner Street-west and Wakefield Avenue Enhancements


The Council is seeking your feedback on a proposal to improve the Sumner suburban centre by enhancing a section of Marriner Street and Wakefield Avenue.


In 2013, the Council adopted the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan (hereafter called the ‘Master Plan’) to improve the function, safety, connectivity, quality, and amenity of Sumner. The Master Plan forms part of the Council’s Suburban Centres Programme and was prepared in response to the damage caused to the centre in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

The Master Plan was prepared under the guidance and support of the Joint Advisory Group for Sumner as a community-led plan. The Joint Advisory Group was made up of representatives from the Sumner community and representatives from the Hagley Ferrymead Community Board, who met regularly to progress the Master Plan and provide a link between the community and the Council throughout its preparation.

The first action in the Master Plan (‘P1’) contains several sub-projects with the intended aim of “improving the movement network and streetscape amenity”. The first sub-project is to make changes to the design and layout of Marriner Street and Wakefield Avenue to improve safety and enjoyment by different users (pg 37 of the Master Plan and “P1.1: Marriner Street-west and Wakefield Ave Enhancements”). It is this sub-project that the Council is now seeking your feedback on, as funding has now been allocated in the Council’s Long Term Plan to implement this project within the Master Plan.

Project objectives

• Footpath widening, particularly on the sunny side of the street and improved lighting.

• Relocation of bus stops to improve the public space around the intersections of Burgess Street and Marriner Street (east of Wakefield Avenue).

• Street paving, highlighting ‘gateways’ and the Village Centre.

• Installation of cycle lanes to better connect existing road lanes and to improve cycle access to the Port Hills.

• Cycle parking that is easily accessible and visible from the street.

• Prioritise on-street parking for mobility impaired, short-term shopper parking and on-street loading.

• Removal of unnecessary street furniture to reduce clutter, including the rationalisation of rubbish bins.

• Installation of signage within the Village Centre to improve way finding.

• Integration of public art with new street furniture.

• Highlighting the Village gateway within the road reserve to possibly include kerb build outs, a raised central median and landscaping.

• Design the environment for a desired speed of 30 km/h. Please note that the speed zone along the Esplanade is currently 40 km/h.

The overall intention of these changes is to slow vehicle speeds through the Village, and to create a safer and more attractive environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and shoppers.
Current progress on this project:

1. Secure funding - funding for this project has been allocated in the 2015/16 - $100,000, 2016/17 - $400,000 and 2017/18 - $1 million Long Term Plan (LTP) at a total cost of $1.5 million.

2. Complete further research and development of concepts - this has been completed.

3. Work with stakeholders over public transport infrastructure improvements and repositioning of the bus stop at Marriner Street-west/Wakefield Avenue intersection - this has been completed.

4. Work with stakeholders, including tangata whenua and the public, to finalise the road layout and design - this is happening now.


The location of this project is on the main street in Sumner, Marriner Street-west and Wakefield Avenue. This road is classified as a minor arterial route in the Christchurch District Plan, and designated as a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) over-dimension route and a dangerous goods route through Evans Pass to the Port of Lyttelton.

Other projects in the Sumner area

The project team have also been working closely with staff involved in other projects in the area such as the Sumner Lyttelton corridor - geotechnical risk mitigation works project, the building of the new Sumner Library and Community Facility, Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) projects, the Coastal Pathway and the Sumner Skate Project(investigation). We are working collaboratively with these project teams and community representatives to ensure we can share information and work together on all of these projects. More information on each of these projects can be found in the “further information” section of this leaflet.

Have your say

The aim of this consultation is to seek feedback on the general layout and design of the Marriner Street-west/Wakefield Avenue project.

Specifically we are interested in feedback on the:

• design elements

• construction timings (so as to minimise the impact of the work on business activity)

Please ensure that your comments reach us by 5 pm on 16 November 2015.

The analysis of this consultation feedback will then be reported to the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board, who will then decide if this project will go ahead, and if so, approve the design.

Come and talk to us

The project team will be available to discuss this project and answer any questions at the Sumner Sunday Market on 8 November 2015. Please come and visit us here between 10 am and 12 noon, we will be located at the temporary Sumner Village Green (on Wakefield Avenue) in the centre of the village.


At this stage we are not anticipating full road closures to be necessary in order to construct this current proposal.
The concept plan we are currently consulting on (see enclosed plans) for Marriner Street-west/Wakefield Avenue incorporate the following:

Road, pedestrian and cycle items

• Footpath widening along the Burgess Street/Marriner Street intersection and outside where the new Sumner Library and Community Facility will be built.

• Improved street lighting, with the lighting at its current location proposed to be upgraded to meet the latest standards.

• Use of design features to enhance accessibility and reduce barriers, with textured paving at the Village Centre gateways and mobility impaired tactile pavers at intersections.

• Relocation of bus stops as shown on the attached plan.

• Installation of new paving detail and gateway treatments at the intersections within the Village Centre. These gateway treatments incorporate part of Project 5: Gateway site development opportunities project (pg 55 of the Master Plan).

• Installation of a pedestrian refuge in proximity to the intersection of Marriner Street and the Esplanade, and a raised platform on Nayland Street in proximity to Sumner Mall.

• Relocation of the pedestrian zebra crossing to better align with the new Sumner Library and Community Facility, and Sumner Mall.

• Installation of a continuous cycle lane through the Village Centre to better connect existing on-road lanes, and to improve cycle access to the Port Hills. This is proposed to include a 1.8m cycle lane which connects to the coastal pathway alongside the new Surf Life Saving Club building.

• Installation of a 30km trial speed zone (as shown on attached plan) in order to increase safety for cycle and pedestrian users. This trial will be reviewed within 18 months of installation.

• A raised platform, to encourage traffic to slow down at the Marriner Street and Wakefield Avenue intersection.


• Prioritised on-street parking for the mobility impaired, this is proposed as P120 parking outside 30 Marriner Street.

• Short-term parking and on-street loading, with a mix of P60, P30 and P15 parking included in the plan.

• Removal of 26 on-street spaces so that objectives for pedestrians and cyclists, street furniture and landscape planting can be achieved. Apart from 1 car park located outside 25 Marriner Street, all of the existing parking on the side streets are proposed to remain unchanged.

Street furniture

• Cycle parking will be installed that is easily accessible and visible from the street.

• New public seating at three locations along Wakefield Avenue at the Nayland Street and Wakefield Street intersection, outside 11 Wakefield Avenue and at the Marriner Street and Burgess Street intersection.

• New rubbish bins.

• Other outdated, redundant and/or poorly placed street furniture will be replaced, relocated or removed, to reduce clutter (e.g. existing rubbish bins, cycle stands and public seating).

• Installation of way finding signage and interpretation, where suitable will be included in the detailed design phase of this project if it is approved.

Landscaping and planting

• Removal of 1 Norfolk Island Pine tree that is in poor health (outside 22 Marriner Street).

• Removal of 4 Pittosporum shrubs that are in poor health (on the eastern side of the shelter at 25 Marriner Street).

• Planting of 6 flowering Cherry trees (Nayland Street/Wakefield Avenue intersection and outside 43 and 2/40 Nayland Street), 1 Norfolk Island Pine trees (outside 11 Marriner Street), 17 Pohutakawa (at the intersections of Marriner Street and Burgess Street and Nayland and Wakefield), 7 Pohutakawa/Rata hybrids (2 outside 1/22 Marriner Street and 5 along Wakefield Avenue outside 11-13 and 14-16) and other landscape planting to highlight the Village Centre gateways and to beautify the Village Centre. Please note final tree location and quantity subject to accurate service level.

Balancing the objectives of the Master Plan

During the preparation of this concept plan the project team have attempted to balance the desire for the project to meet the objectives of the Master Plan for a safer and more attractive environment for people (e.g. to be achieved through footpath widening, dedicated cycle lanes, and attractive street furniture and landscape plantings), and deliver the above items (with anticipated) parking needs for businesses in the area. This balance has also been informed by widely recognised benefits that quality urban environments can bring to commercial

Overall 26 parking spaces are proposed to be removed from the existing 63 spaces along the section of street affected, to achieve pedestrian and cycle improvements. Remaining car parks are proposed to be time restricted to increase parking turnover and support business activity. Alternative options for off-street parking in the Village area are being investigated.

Next steps

Once feedback has been received and analysed, the next steps for this project are to:

1. Finalise the layout and design of the main street.

2. Seek Community Board approval for the design.

3. Tender and assign contracts for the work (subject to Community Board approval).

4. Commence construction (subject to Community Board approval).

Further information

• To view the Sumner Village Centre Master Plan

• To view the design guide for the Sumner Village Master Plan

• For more information on the rebuilding of the Sumner Community and Library Facility,-museum-and-community-hub

• For more information on the Sumner-Lyttelton Corridor project

• For more information on SCIRT (Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team) works in the area

• For more information on the Costal Pathway

• For more information on the Sumner Skate Project search for “skate” at


2 November 2015 - Consultation opens

16 November 2015 - Comments due in by this date

November/December 2015 - Project team analyses feedback and prepares a report to the Community Board

4 February 2016 - Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board decision meeting

November 2016 - If project approved construction anticipated to commence

March 2017 - Project anticipated to be completed