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Petrie Street - Road reconstruction, including road narrowing and new street tree planting

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Contact: Tara King
Phone: 941 5938, 027 208 3235


Areas affected:
Wards affected: Shirley
People affected: General community


Open date: 16/10/2015
Close date: 02/11/2015 5:00p.m.


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Full description

What and Why
As part of the ongoing earthquake repair works, the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT) will be undertaking road reconstruction works on Petrie Street. These works will involve a new road layout in two sections of Petrie Street - (between Randall Street and Averill Street and between Warden Street and Shirley Road). The remaining sections of Petrie Street will have minor repairs carried out and will be left in the original road layout. SCIRT is only delivering a limited number of streets where full reconstruction is required. For Petrie Street the two worst a? ected areas will be fully reconstructed. The remaining two areas will go into the Council future maintenance programme.
The new road layout will involve new kerb and channel that will be constructed on the road side of the new street trees. This will reduce Petrie Street to a 9 metre kerb to kerb roadway, in two blocks, which is a standard width for a local residential road. The new layout will balance the need for parking on both sides of the street and still allow
for two way tra?c ?ow. This width will also assist in discouraging speeding motorists.
All street trees within the road narrowing areas (refer locality plan) will be removed and replaced with Japanese Magnolia (Magnolia kobus), and new grass berms installed.
With the kerb now being on the road side of the trees, this will allow for better maintenance and protection of the street trees and grass verges.
New landscape beds will be created at Petrie Street/Randall Street intersection which will be installed as part of the Dudley Creek works.

Features of this proposal (refer plan)
  • Kerb to kerb road reconstruction, with new kerb and channel in narrowed areas.
  • New road layout (road narrowing) with the new kerb and channel being on the road side of the street trees, and new grass berms.
  • Additional road narrowing within the vicinity of Dudley Creek, including new no stopping. This work will be undertaken as part of the Dudley Creek works.
  • Existing street trees (in road narrowing areas) removed due to poor condition and the upcoming construction. New street trees will be planted.
  • New no stopping lines at localised road narrowing points, ie intersections.
  • New landscape beds at the intersection of Petrie Street and Randall Street.

    Dudley Creek ?ood remediation works
    This SCIRT road reconstruction project will not include the Dudley Creek project area (refer plan on front page) with works in the vicinity of Dudley Creek on Petrie Street being undertaken as part of the ?ood remediation works.

    16 October 2015 - Consultation opens

    2 November 2015 - Consultation closes

    16 December 2015 - Shirley/Papanui Community Board meeting to approve road layout changes

    January 2016 - SCIRT works to commence

    September 2016 - SCIRT works to complete