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An Accessible City: St Asaph Street proposed changes from Ferry Road to Antigua Street

Submissions: Phone us: 941 8999, 8am-6pm
Contact: Jennie Hamilton
Phone: 941-5207, 027 225 0671
Fax: 941-8384


Areas affected:
Wards affected: Hagley
People affected: General community


Open date: 17/09/2015
Close date: 08/10/2015 5:00p.m.


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Full description

Christchurch City Council is seeking your views on proposed changes in St Asaph Street - from Ferry Road to Antigua Street. These include a separated cycleway on the south side of St Asaph Street (including a new two-way cycle section from Ferry Road to Madras Street)

St Asaph Street will continue to be part of a southern east-to-west one-way main distributor street paired with Tuam Street (carrying eastbound traffic). there will be no two-way traffic between Ferry Road and Madras Street.

Vehicle entry to High Street will be closed at the St Asaph Street intersection so that pedestrians and cyclists can cross safely. Vehicles entering or exiting High Street will use Madras Street.

The proposal includes an enhanced streetscape including new median islands and build-outs, new road markings, more trees, and improved lighting.

What is changing?
There will no longer be two-way vehicle traffic on St Asaph between Madras Street and Ferry Road.
A separated cycleway will run along the south side of St Asaph Street with a small section of two-way cycleway from Ferry Road to Madras Street.
The proposed scheme adds 67 trees to the St Asaph Street streetscape.

Does this concept mean on-street parking spaces will be lost?
This proposal minimises on-street parking losses as much as possible.
Overall, 107 parking spaces are lost but remaining parks will be time restricted to increase turnover and to support businesses along the street.

Where is the money coming from to fund this project?
A budget of $3.5 million has recently been approved for this project as part of the Council's Long Term Plan.

Overall, how do the changes support the new Central City travel network?
The proposed changes, along with other An Accessible City projects represent some of the most significant upgrades taking place on Christchurch roads.
The proposed changes maintain the efficiency of St Asaph Street as a priority car and bus route.
The proposed changes will link the cycling network within the Central City making it easier and safer to ride a bike centrally or along the main cycleway route network. For more information on cycleways visit

Find out more
Download the consultation booklet [PDF 1.8MB]

Public information sessions:
Wednesday 23 September 2015, 12.00 to 2pm
(presentation at 12 noon)
BNZ Lounge, EPIC, 96 Manchester Street

Saturday 26 September 2015, 2pm – 4pm
The foyer, Christchurch Central Police Station,
68 St Asaph Street

Thursday 1 October 2015, 12.00 to 2pm
(presentation at 12 noon)
BNZ Lounge, EPIC, 96 Manchester Street