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Little River Rail Trail - Little River Township

Submissions: Phone us: 941 8999, 8am-6pm
Contact: Ann Campbell
Phone: 941 8717, 027 479 1586
Fax: 941 8384


Areas affected:
Wards affected: Akaroa/Wairewa
People affected: General community


Open date: 11/09/2015
Close date: 05/10/2015 5:00p.m.


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Full description

Why is this project proposed
The project involves the completion of the Little River Rail Trail to the Little River Township and improve parking and traffic flow by the Railway Station. Currently the start/finish of the trail is 500m short of the township. The Little River Rail Trail is approximately 49km long and connects Christchurch to the Little River township. It travels through settlements, farmland, past Lake Ellesmere, and is a very popular recreational bike/walk trail.
A number of alternative route options were considered for this final section, including continuing along SH75, but were not progressed further due to safety concerns, cost of implementation and Council not being able to purchase the land that would be required.

Project Objectives
  • Create a safe connection for the Little River Rail Trail to the Little River Railway Station
  • Install a safe crossing of State Highway 75 for all users
  • Improve parking management in the vicinity of the Little River Railway Station

    Information only (refer Plan 1)
  • A crossing will be provided from the current start/finish of the Little River Rail Trail to the northern side of Wairewa Pa Road
  • A 2.5 metre wide two-way shared path running along the northern side of Wairewa Pa Road and the eastern side of State Highway 75 to a crossing point located at the north-western corner of the Barclays Road/State Highway 75 intersection
  • This crossing will include kerb extensions and will require users to cross the road in one manoeuvre
  • The shared path will be a raised asphalt path, which will join an existing gravelled track from Barclays Road to the Historic Train Station
  • Extension of existing culverts and relocation of existing power poles to facilitate the works
  • Signage and road marking to clearly delineate the rail trail
  • Advanced cycle warning signs to be installed on SH75 on the roadside as you enter Little River from Christchurch including cycle loops for activation
  • Sight line clearing of the west side of State Highway 75 between Morrisons Road and Barclays Road

    Consultation (refer Consultation Plan 2)
    As part of this project we are seeking feedback on proposed parking restrictions in the vicinity of the Little River Railway Station (refer to Consultation Plan 2).
    This is to improve turnover and access to parking spaces, improve traffic flow, and encourage longer term parking such as those using the Rail Trail) to park behind the buildings. A summary description of proposed parking changes is as follows:

  • P120 Parking Restrictions
  • P30 Bus Parking Restrictions
  • P5 Parking Restriction
  • Mobility Parking Restriction
  • No Stopping Restrictions

    Monday 14 September 2015 - Consultation opens

    Monday 21 September 2015 - Drop In session

    Monday 5 October 2015 - Consultation closes

    October 2015 - Submitters notified of outcome of consultation and board meeting date

    Wednesday 9 December 2015 - Anticipated Community Board decision

    TBA - Construction to commence(subject to approval)